To the extent possible, we believe in pre-agreeing our fees with all clients so we all proceed with certainty and avoid any unnecessary conflict.
This approach is borne out of our legal experience where bills often mount up to be considerably higher than the agreed upper estimate and clients second guess ‘if it really took that long’ to do X, Y or Z.
We value clients for the long term and agree prices per year on an all services included basis – except for additional time not agreed and requested legal and corporate documentation.
In the interests of transparency and with the aim of democratising the industry, we publish below our guide rates for various services and jurisdictions below.
You might be amazed – or may unfortunately already know – how certain large corporate providers charge – and what they charge for!
Eg BVI, New Zealand, Wyoming
  • Set up $8,000-25,000
  • Management - ad valorem basis of 0.2-0.5% with a minimum of $8,000 a year
set up and legal work
  • BVI from - $12,000
  • Cayman from - $20,000
  • Malta From - $20,000
  • Luxembourg from - $30,000
Set up and Management. We offer a package to cover an entire year so non added extras appear on accounts at a year’s end. Our packages include: local substance, director(s), all corporate and tax filing, accounting and year end accounts, Government fees, CRS and other reporting.
  • British Virgin Islands Set up from - $2,000, Management from - $8,000
  • Luxembourg Set up from - $3,500, Management from - $12,000
  • Malta Set up from - $3,000, Management from - $8,000
$3,000 – $30,000 per year
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