“Begin - to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and you will have finished.” Marcus Aurelius


Salt Trust has many years’ experience in commercial, tax and trust law as well as in establishing and managing structures of significant value and complexity.

We provide or procure first-class legal services or partner you, at a preferred rate, within our extensive network of associated lawyers of first-rate pedigree.

Whether you need cross-border structures or commercial law advice, as our client you will be safe in the knowledge that we provide the highest levels of service, quality and value for money.

Specific services on which we may assist include:

  • Advisory services – Independent commercial and tax advice on cross-border trusts and group structures
  • Establishment and administration of
    • Trusts – International trusts including Private Trust Companies eg New Zealand, BVI & Wyoming
    • Funds – Regulated funds for hedge funds and private equity eg Cayman, Luxembourg, Ireland & BVI
    • Companies – International companies eg BVI, Malta, Delaware, UK
    • Limited Partnerships – eg Scotland, New Zealand, Isle of Man
    • Bank accounts – eg Switzerland
    • Escrow services – eg UK
    • Foundations – eg Liechtenstein
  • Fiduciary services – Independent fiduciary services as trustee or director
  • Protectorships – Trust protectorships
  • Shariah law – Compliant funds or trusts
  • Start-ups – Services to start new business ventures such as Shareholder agreements
  • Immigration advice – eg Barbados, US, UK, New Zealand

WHAT WE DOOur services

We provide advice on trust, fund and corporate structures
For the future
For capital growth
For cross-border business
To steward the present
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