"The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart.” - Gautama Buddha

Mission Statement

  • Efficiency – too often corporate service firms, especially ‘offshore’ are slow
  • Robustness – structures must withhold scrutiny of efficacy as well as perception. Prepare for a thorough health check from authorities one day!
  • Peace of mind – clients must feel confident their wishes will be honoured in practice
  • Estate planning – it is best to plan as 2020 has shown us all
  • Asset protection – too often structures are attacked successfully due to a lack of foresight rather than ill intention
  • Privacy – it is every citizen’s right
  • Independence – in how we think and with whom we work
  • Tax optimisation – we live in a global marketplace. Wealth custodians owe a positive, fiduciary duty to seek the optimal situation, provided morally sensitive and legal
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