WHAT WE AREService awarded
with highest prizes

YEAR 2015/2016Our awards

We are proude to say that our lawyers are renowned for top quality and the best legal advice.

YEAR 2016Silver Gavel Award

Annual award the National Association gives to honor outstanding work helping to improve comprehension.

YEAR 2015Brandeis Medal

Individuals who reflect Supreme Court Justice commitment to the ideals of concern for the service.

YEAR 2015Harrison Tweed

Created in 1956 to recognize the extraordinary achievements of state and local bar associations

YEAR 2014Yorke Prize

Annual award by the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge for an essay on a legal subject.

YEAR 2013Legal Achievement

In association with the Library of Congress selected by professors from Harvard Law School.

YEAR 2012Douglas Prize

Given by the Commission on Freedom to honor those who contribute to writing about freedom of speech.

Other awards

Our team is preferred counsel for competition advice in the region and we provide a complete range of services. We cooperate with over 100 lawyers across the country and region. Our service is awarded with highest prizes.
  • AIA Gold Medal, Institute of Lawyers
  • Bennett Douglas Bell Memorial Award: Paris, Europe 2012
  • Chambers Women in Law Awards: USA 2017
  • Chris Lantz Award: Europe 2015
  • Christopher S. Lantz Memorial Journal of Entertaitment
  • Damali K. Booker Award
  • International Awards, Chicago Athenaeum, ECAADUC
  • Jordan A. Quick Memorial Award
  • Lightfoot Franklin & White Legal Writing Awards
  • Law Review Editor’s Award: Europe 2016
  • Myron Penn Laughlin Note Award
  • Praemium Imperiale, Japan Art Association
  • Philip G. Davidson III Memorial Award
  • Robert F. Jackson Memorial Prize
  • Thomas C. Banks Award for the Outstanding Jessup Team Member
  • UIA Gold Medal, International Union of Lawyers
  • Vanderbilt Scholastic Excellence Award, Venice Biennale
  • Weldon B. White Prize, Wolf Foundation
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